Notes from Puzzle Palace

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A screw! A screw! My collection for a screw!

I'm often baffled by puzzles. Solving all too many is often beyond me. But I have never ever had problems building them~or should I say putting them together~twisty I mean. Until this past week.

For want of a screw the tool was lost.

I made the most horrible mistake. I ordered from Shapeways. Oh fool am I.

For want of a tool the puzzle was lost.

Two puzzles caught my eye over the past six months or so and I decided to go for it. I mean it's only a screw, a man tool, and a bit of patience. I can do that right?

For want of a puzzle the brain was lost.

For shame on you and your thoughts Rox. Nothing is as easy as that. I did the obvious. I went through all the drawers and jars and boxes and tins in the house looking for the screw I needed. But it was all to no avail. Not a screw to be found. What to do?

For want of a brain the thought was lost.

All is not lost. Go to a hardware store. There are plenty around. It should be easy to find the screws you need. You silly girl!

For want of a thought the girl was lost.

With a goal in mind and determination I set off for a district renowned for man tools and things. I entered shop upon shop in search of my screw. But not a man around was willing to give me one. I begged. I pleaded. I offered to pay double the going rate. Nothing. Not a taker in town. What is wrong with me I ask you? Am I that horrid that no man will give me what I want. Nay, by this time it's no longer a desire, its a burning need. One that will soon be beyond control. I simply must have a screw!

For want of a girl the collection was lost.

In my desperation I momentarily thought of begging Mr. Man for a screw, but then sanity returned and I saw the folly in that thought. A fellow blogger offered to send me one all the way from the UK but even in my moment of desperation I saw the foolishness of that. No, I needed to think of something else. And what's the best way to think? Why by puzzling of course. And that's just what I did. I read my three favorite forums (no inspiration but a good laugh or two). I picked up 'lean two' yet again (didn't solve it~didn't solve my screwy problem). I picked up a Jing's pyraminx. And as i twisted and turned and took out my frustrations on that poor piece of plastic, inspiration struck! My sanity could be saved. My money would not be wasted! I had found the solution! Go rape a cube. (or would that be plunder? Technically I'm not screwing it, I'm unscrewing it. ;) ).

And all for the want of a M3 screw.

I've learned a lesson this week. What you seek is often right in front of you. And....all of life can be reduced to a nursery rhyme (with a bit of adapting).

*now if someone can tell me where to find dye~and I don't mean the stuff in my bathroom cupboard.

**and then teach me how to put this damned thing together because for the life of me I can't work it out. It would be a real shame to leave this one in pieces now that I have gotten my screw.


  1. Ah well. I couldn't let anyone think that I wasn't gentlemanly enough to offer a lady a screw when she needed it. ;) Be careful when putting those colour chips in though, you might have to use man tools to sand them down a bit so they fit just right. Once they go in they really aren't coming out again.

  2. And a fine gentleman you are Oli. Now please tell me how to put the bits together. I'm not managing it at all :(