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Monday, May 3, 2021

Special post for 3d crystal puzzle collectors

As many of you may know, I have an almost complete collection of crystal puzzles.  I've been collecting them since they first came out in 1977. Basically there are currently 3 companies that make these: Hanayama, Beverly/Jeruel, and YongJun.  There are others that you will find on the market, but they aren't as prevalent.  You can read about our collection here.  Please bear in mind, that post is almost a year old and I've had quite a few lunches since then.

Many times over the last year or two I've been asked where I purchase them from.  This post will tell you sites around the world that I go to to purchase my puzzles.  Be warned, the list is extensive and while the prices of the puzzles may seem very good on some of them, there is always a trade-off:  Time for delivery, or cost of shipping.  As a disclaimer, I don't get any form of compensation from any of these companies.  Clicking on each of the company names in the list below will take you to that webpage.

1) Amazon

2) eBay  - caveat emptor

3) Plaza Japan

4) Walmart

5) Barnes & Noble

6) Kohls

7) Are You Game

8) Macy's

9) Amazon Japan

10) Jayz

11) Mr. Puzzle

12) Sloyd

13) Wish

14) Mercari

15) AliExpress

16) TaoBao Focus

17) Bits and pieces

18) Puzzle Master

19) Hobby Link

20) Buyee

21) Target

22) Brilliant Puzzles

23) Puzzle Warehouse


25) Megacuber

26) rc-today

27) 3DCrystal Puzzles




31) Soviet Express

There are of course many other places you can purchase these puzzles, but I think 31 is enough. I can't give away all my secrets. If searching on places like Amazon or eBay, don't forget to check the other countries.  I've bought from the UK, Germany, Spain... 

It also helps to have friends in many countries around the world.  My puzzling friends know I like these things and they send me puzzles when they find them.  

Some of the websites will need a reciever/shipper to send them to you.  I've had great success with these companies and have yet to have a problem.  

There are so many crystal puzzles out there.  Our collection has over 500 completed pieces and probably another 100 unfinished pieces and yet I'm still missing around 20 or so.  The hunt goes on.  I wish you all the best of luck in your hunt for puzzles.  

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