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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Shameless plug

We have been busy this past month with a wedding, a puzzle party, a virtual-talk at G4G our first holiday since the world went mad.  To this end, I'm being a very naughty girl this week and giving you all a few videos to watch instead of my regular blog post.  

The first is brought to you by my daughter.  She had a class project to interview someone and she chose  George and I.  My slide video is up and his will be coming shortly.  Not bad for a newby.  

Next up is an amazing video brought to you by Tanner from What Did I Get Myself Into?  He spent a week with us over Boca Bash and made a rather good video of our Puzzle Palace and the Puzzle Palace Museum.  Be warned, it is 53 minutes long so grab a beer, kick up your feet and settle down for a nice time.

Finally, we were invited to give a talk at a virtual G4G on the 24th of October and the video we produced of it can be found here.  This one is only 20 minutes of me droning on...Warning: George likes his music loud.

The museum waits.  Nothing is happening still.  As I said, it's been a busy few weeks for us.  But wait, I do have news.  This week we added just over 100 puzzles to the museum.  If that isn't a feat, nothing is.  We continue to purchase puzzles and have had some wonderful members of the community make a few donations.  This week Nothing Yet Designs donated 23 different puzzles!  I think that deserves a massive thank you and a small plug.  Go take a look at what he is making.  You won't be wasting your time.  

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