Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The case of the missing posts

How very odd. I've just posted a full update and when I clicked view post-it was gone! Magic. It's disappeared into the ether. I guess it's gone to visit my e-portfolio I wrote a few years back.

Well doesn't matter. I'll just start again. A week ago I asked for some advice on what puzzles I should take for a traveling meet up. I don't want anything to bulky, or too heavy as I have to toss them into my computer bag. They also have to be problem free so they can get through customs. Which doesn't really leave very many options now does it?

I did take a bit of advice and put in a unfinished Hanayama, and a few of Wil's puzzles because you can't go wrong with them. (I might add an apple because they are just so cute! and maybe the Jugo flower depending on the space I have left over)
As you can see, there are a few packing puzzles in there as well. They have a bit of an aha! to them. (yes George, thanks to your hint I figured out the toilets)
Since most of the puzzles I own are twisties I added a new acquisition and childs play. You can't go wrong with two puzzles in one can you? I need to toss in one more, and I'm stuck between a cheeseblock and AJ's barrel megaminx. Maybe a SmaZ puzzle...The problems I have with this.

Of course, I simply must bring my all time favorite! Chinny's "think like a man". You simply can't go wrong when that puzzle is in the mix!

And Neil thank you for the suggestion of bringing along Michelle. I think this time I'll leave her to guard the home front and feed the guinea pig!


  1. Now make sure that Cylinder from Wil is properly locked, with no balls visible in the hole. Wouldn't want it to be too easy for someone to open!

    Looks like a good choice of puzzles. Only thing I'd say is with the Cylinder, make sure you can open it in front of the security people to prove there's noting untoward about it. They get nervous with locked cylinders (take Revomaze as an example) and could take it from you.

    Other than that, looks like you're all set!

  2. Ah Neil, thanks for that advice. I'll need to take apart the nut case as well. Didn't even think of that and boy would I be crying!

  3. No, that's Stephen Chin's "think like a man" (Ok, Ok. It's his Newton's egg. His exchange in 2000 IPP) A puzzle that never fails to amaze people.