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Sunday, December 18, 2011

KPG Meet up

OK, so anyone who was reading this knows that I headed to Taiwan this past few days. Me being me, I had to get in contact with a few puzzlers from here, and managed to set up a meeting time. Great!
I met John Lin, and 5 others.

It was a real treat for me, and yet again, puzzles transcend languages. I didn't understand a word they were saying at times, but didn't need to. And to be perfectly honest, my hosts spoke enough English that it wasn't a problem or me at all. The only time we had any difficulties was when we were discussing a set of puzzles that were milled from brass. That is just a bit beyond my transcending level.

The internet here is sketchy at best. Even on campus I had problems, and Eduroam has not failed me yet, so I'm guessing it is something in the water. I think I'll stop this here and load another post when I return to HK on Tuesday.

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