Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four more days!

Now come on, be honest. How many of you are counting down the days with me? Now be honest, you know you are. And why? because you just know there are puzzles hiding under that tree of yours. That are all wrapped up in pretty shiny paper with bows and ribbon on the top. If yours are like mine, they are calling out to be opened!
And if you are like me, you have a pretty good idea of what is in those boxes. And if you're also like me, you are waiting for just a few more to come in.
So what's under your tree then? Do tell.

No peeking? Awe shucks. Well, I'll have to look at a puzzle then that I already have in my collection. On the way into a focus group interview at work today (can you say waste of time) I grabbed a puzzle. Todays was a karuakuri box. One of the little ones. Number 4 to be exact.

What a nifty little toy. When I first pulled this one out of the plastic, a little card fell out. Now I have a feeling this is the solution and since I didn't want to spoil the fun, I left it on the floor with instructions for Miss. N. to pick it up and hide it on me. So upon first inspection, I noticed that the base slides in and out about 1/4 inch. hmm me thinks. This might be easy. Upon closer inspection, that little movement seems to be all it does. So much for that idea. I can see seams around the puzzle, and I've noticed a bit of movement in another place....Let me give it a think....a bit of frustration and around an hour later.....

As Mr. B. says, give your head a shake Roxanne! This one was so simple it isn't funny. Ok, and sore hands too. But it is now solved. A fun little puzzle. Worth the price I paid? Probably. It had me stumped for a while (but then it doesn't take much does it?)

Now back to waiting impatiently to open those boxes under my tree....


  1. You are a very lucky girl if your other half buys you puzzles for Christmas!

    The present Mrs S doesn't mind my puzzle habit as long as I leave enough money left over for clothes, shoes and handbags! She also only lets me keep them in my study - despite some of them being really beautiful wood.

    If they jingle then I am not allowed to play with them when sitting with her!! I have to buy my own puzzles! Sob!

    Have a great Christmas and a puzzling New Year.


  2. This was a really fun box. I got stuck with that tiny amount of movement for a good while. So simple when you finally figure it out and always a challenge to pass around!

  3. Thanks Kevin. I know I am. So much so that today was about solving Mr. Man. And Neil! You should be ashamed of yourself! Opening those AND blogging about them (or it!) and shhh. thank you! I have a dragon under my tree!!!! I'm pretty sure Mr. Man is going to enjoy that one!