Friday, December 30, 2011

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me
Five Puzzle Rings (not gold, sorry ndiamond-but puzzles all the same)
Four Revo Mazes
Three Diamond Puzzles
Two Crystal Dolphins
And a Santa on a tree.

The two on the left (white 3^3 cube) came from Oskar's shapeways shop (weave five and sixth sense). They were designed by Bram Cohen.  (He makes some pretty cool rings!) The two on the left (black 3^3 cube) are from an IPP exchange (two bands), and eBay.  I wanted a puzzle ring and so I found this silver one on our favorite auction site for next to nothing around 15 years ago.  It has 6 bands and is a standard ring configuration.  They can be found most every where.
The last puzzle ring is on Santa's sack. It was a birthday gift from my lovely niece Rachel this past year.  What a thoughtful kid!  It's not a puzzle puzzle, but a 'picture' of 4 jigsaw pieces.


  1. I have had 2 puzzle rings (both 9ct gold) the first as a teenager with 4 rings and another with 6 rings bought by my wife about 10 years ago when I lost the first. They both have very similar solutions as have others from friends who have asked me to put them back together for them. This has put me off getting more because I assumed they were all basically the same.
    Are Bram's rings different in any way?


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