Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Third Day of Christmas

My True love gave to me
Three diamond puzzles
Two Crystal Dolphins
And a Santa on a cube tree.

Todays puzzles were bugs choice.  She's learned the tune and counted the beats and realized this would work.  
The Diamond at the top of the tree is made by Mag-Nif.  This one is called Family Jewels and was first put out sometime in the 1970's.  The blue you see on the page now is a very recent remake-within the past 6 months.  If you are looking for a clear diamond from this company, eBay is your only option.  But don't worry, if you really need one for that someone special, you can still get the clear ones from Beverley.

The Pink and green smaller diamonds are 3x3x3 cubes that have been cut into a diamond shape.  Yes, it's our old friend Yong Jin again.  See this is what really irritates me about this company.  They make new and innovative designs and yet they still have to copy others work.  Yesterdays crystal puzzles? They made Pandas, they made Chinese Pagodas, they made cubes, and keychains, and rabbits.  And yet, they still copy. It makes no sense to me.  None at all. The Diamond seen here?  I guess that one is copied too.  It came out as a mass produced puzzle in 2010 but was first made by Hidetoshi in 2008.  After copying this (please, don't try to convince me that this was made simultaneously.  It was also made by my friend SmaZ for me in 2009.  And since SmaZ is very active over on Mf8, that puzzle was shown there. You do the math....

The company went on to make a nifty little 3x3x3 apple which was then copied by Dian Sheng.  Divine justice I believe.  A copy company copying a copy company.

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