Monday, December 12, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas....Smaz Dino Cubes

Ok, 2 weeks but who's counting! Not me.

I had another of those long rough weeks and it's only Monday I hear you all shouting. Actually, it's been a month of non-stop everything.

Today was a box day. Today was a puzzle gathering day. Today was a day that I'm glad is over. But it wasn't all bad. I got toys! Unbelievable that I had found time to get toys in all that prostituting we were doing. (No, not that kind-the selling of a product kind)

Ok, so this morning I had a really rotten start. I went into work to drop off exam marking and no office staff was at hand. Oh well. I put it all on a desk and ran out to do the previously mentioned other job. As I was leaving my campus, my phone sent out a small vibration in my pocket and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a c-dissection mail saying Zauberflote is here! (heaven help us all, she's been reading too many Christmas books and has hit the egg nog already this year! Let the rhyming begin.)

Ah nuts! I lost the internet connection and needed to be at another place 20 minutes away in less than 15. No time to stop and look. And it was a good thing I didn't. I was met at the train station by my fellow 'workers' and we set off to sell our wares. While the big man was talking, I logged on only to find the one puzzle I really wanted gone. But it wasn't a total bust, I did manage to order 2 others and if Mr. Postman is nice to me, I should get them before Christmas. (and if you read this Mr. Fuller, I sure would like one of those yellow puzzles!)

The presentation went down a treat-I mean who wouldn't love 3 beautiful women and a redheaded man selling their stuff. Well, me for one. After that walk up the hill, and standing and talking for a bit, my feet were killing me-whose bright idea was it to put those 3 inch heals on my boots anyway? Next stop. Lunch. Ok, lunch was good. And I'm still full. But my poor dogs. They are a barking. (sorry, I just couldn't resist that!)

Over to Smaz's shop to pick up a few puzzles I've been trying to get since last week, but before that-new boots! (No insane heals this time!) So this time, they are white, not black. (the puzzles not the boots. The boots are black and oh so tall) And there is a great one on the end there that can't be mucked up. Now THAT is my kind of puzzle.

And yes, those black bags all have puzzles in them but I'm not telling what they are just yet.

So I headed home around 5 and when on the way, the bug calls and very excitedly tells me she has a yellow box from Luxembourg. She then proceeded to attempt to read the address. How cute is that? Ok, well trust me it was. I made her wait until I got home, and when she realized who it was from she wanted to make a video. Can you tell she's happy with the earrings or what?

So what about me? Well, dinner came and went and I was sitting here contemplating writing about a Tony Fisher puzzle when I glanced over and saw a package addressed to me-great family I have, they just dump packages on my desk and hope I'll see them in all the mess.

So I open it up and what's inside? A Christmas puzzleball from Ravensburger. How nice! I'll have to put that together tomorrow. I'm simply to tired tonight. I went to write down the return address, and saw a bag drop out with bugs name on it. Didn't think much of it and went on to read another forum. Glancing down, I saw that puzzle was the same as the one in the box. Now hold on here! That's not right! So taking another look at that box, I notice a bit of tape. Opening it up, I find a 3x3x3 puzzle inside.

For those who query this, that is Dave wearing that dress (only because a designer from the Netherlands and a man from Connecticut wouldn't do it for me). These antics took place at IPP last year and I couldn't think of a better gift to send someone. I absolutely love it! So much so that I made Mr. Man order me a dust box for it. I should be able to collect it on Wednesday.

Sorry Tony, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow...

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