Saturday, June 2, 2012

Puzzling visit

I love it when my friends come to town. I get a chance to visit a bit and play with the new puzzles they have bought and brought over.  Today was a double treat because Kim is here for a month as is Otis.  Both showed up on my doorstep around 11 and we had a day of chat and toys.

I ordered pizza for lunch and sadly for Kim, a couple of PR representatives showed up just as the pizza did. Sorry bud I know you must have been hungry.

And that my friends is the whole reason for the visit.  Not pizza.  We can get that anywhere, but rather the PR people.  It seems that there is going to be a competition again this year in HK and Kim asked if I would put a puzzle or two on display.  Yeah, why not.  So over they came to see what types of puzzles I have.  (I think it was really more because Kim hasn't been before and he wanted to see. :) ) We played for around 2 hours before those ladies showed up, and a photo or two was taken. I'm not sure exactly what they played with, but I  know there was a puzzle or two that got solved. Thank you very much!

The ladies from the PR company showed up and it was around two hours of asking questions and answering them, pulling puzzles off shelves and taking photos of them all. When they left, poor Otis had a sore throat from so much talking and said he was feeling a bit tired. We brought them down to the transport stop and came back to the house for a now very cold pizza. (Thank heaven's for those nukers) As usual, we had a lovely chat and then got up to play around a bit more. This time I opened up a set of cabinets that Otis hadn't gotten into before and I am pretty sure he enjoyed himself. He dug out a puzzle/game, and I got him to play a round or two with me. Then bug came in to snap a photo for me and the next thing I knew, I wasn't playing, she was. This was a game of 3d Tic-tac-toe. Otis had never played before so I won the first few rounds. When he and Katherine played, it was a tie-one game each.

As usual, Boxes of puzzles were opened that I forgot I had and I also enjoyed seeing a toy or two that hadn't been viewed in years. As Otis was leaving he commented about not having opened the cabinet in a while-it had been about 3 years-so it was good he came. I got to check out some long lost toys.

It wasn't all just looking at my puzzles though. Otis brought over a couple for me to check out. One, is from DaYan, the mercury verions and a special edition for the China Cubers.
green just doesn't do it for me. Not sure why. The Other made me turn green with envy. Sadly, I didn't see this offer because of that thing I do called work until after all had been sold. Such a shame because I would have ordered one. It was nice to play with for a while though. Beautiful puzzle!

At around 6 Otis left to go meet his mom and it was time for me to pack up the cabinet again. Otis kept apologizing for not helping finish the packing, but you know, I was honestly glad he didn't. It gave me a chance to pack a few other puzzles I had laying around away. I can walk in my room again now! Yeah! All in all, it was a good fun day. I'm glad they came over. And if any of you are in HK fromm 5-7 October, do head over to Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill and join in the fun or maybe just take a look at some pretty nifty toys.


  1. Yeah I think it's really important to help Rox packing up the puzzles. Because those puzzles are coming out from cabinet because of me~Rather I take them out or Rox show them to me. So I think it's my responsibility to pack them up. Not to mention it's a really good experience to search and play in Rox's treasure house!

  2. We all had a great day today too at the 6th Midlands puzzle party. Lots of new puzzles were seen, bought and solved! I'm sure you'll be able to read all about it on the various UK based blogs soon!

    Is that a 4x4 or professor pyramorphinx I see there? Is it coming to market soon?

    Kevin x