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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canada and puzzles

Well I totally blew it this trip. Not a single meetup was arraigned. What was I doing? I dropped the ball. But it doesnt matter. Thanks to some lovely lads in Vancouver, I managed to find a couple of places selling puzzles. Sadly, most of which I have. But it really doesn't matter, IPP is coming and I shouldn't be greedy.

I was walking to pick up my bib for a little jog that I took and came across a museum. Lo and behold, there was a shop. Upon entering, I managed to find a puzzle or 6 that I didn't have. No twisted I'm afraid, but rather wood, plastic, and paper. I'll post about all when I return to HK at weeks end.

I've two more days here in Ottawa and between the fascinating and my bouts of drunken salvation (these academics are so what I never want to be but find myself becoming more and more like every day) and playing tourist, I have another puzzle shop on the list. I can't go home with only 6 puzzles and a suitcase full of maple syrup and salmon.

And now...I'm off to find a skrt wearing boy with a tall fuzzy hat who is blowing on some bagpipes over by a tomb downtown.....

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