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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time out/off-the Runes

I really hate real life.  It does so get in the way of puzzling doesn't it?
I've been puzzling through a lot of articles on of all things-grammar.  Talk about dull and boring!  But hey, it pays for the puzzles and when I really get into it it becomes super sexy. :lol:  Ok, I have a sick sense of what is...

I received a parcel from a few days ago and plan to write up about them, but first I'm off for a while to a conference.  I'm hoping that I can sneak out of some of those super exciting talks on stuff I just don't understand and go puzzle hunting, but with the boss lady and all the department ass-heads going too, it doesn't look promising....

Since I have very cleverly packed my camera away already, I can't post on any recent acquisitions, but instead, I'll post on an old puzzle that took me through the summer of my last dissertation and then on into the new school year after completion of said paper. This memory comes from working The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt that I blogged about a few posts back.  Like that one, I worked today's puzzle with a netfriend.  She was teasing me about not laminating my book and up popped a very fond memory of The Runes!

Highly recommended.  I was going through a very tough set of data analysis that summer and was ready to throw in the towel. I spotted the runes on a different website and thought why not.  It can't hurt any and might get me past my hump.  Little did I know that that puzzle would become an addiction that would last almost 6 months!  I had a wonderful time of it.  It was both tough and simplistic at the same time.  I can't praise this little gem enough. If you enjoy puzzling, then this one is it!

As I worked through this, the first thing I did before even starting was to scan all the pages. I knew I was in for a bunch of erasing and the puzzle was just too nice to ruin.  Well, HK heat and humidity being what it is, I took out my handy dandy laminator and sealed those colors in quick.  (yes, I have a laminator, and no, I don't have a problem with that-I'm just a bit um neat!)

I've loaded a sample page here that can be seen on the webpage listed above. Sadly, Laminated pages just don't photograph well with my phone, and I'm no longer sure where the scan copies are....

When I was working the puzzle, I sorted out the cost. (Mind, this was back in 2007!)  I'll add my post from the forum here:

"In the mainRunes page it says over 300 puzzles. I've just spent an hour counting because I'm stuck again, don't want to quit, but have to for classes. (It's like the loss of an old friend) Anyway, I came up with 297 puzzles on the basic 26 puzzles if you count the top and bottom keyword as a puzzle, which I suppose they are. I've come up with another 35 known puzzles from the forums, and the puzzles on the pages. Plus I suppose the grey boxes on the cover is a puzzle as well. That gives me a total of 333 puzzles.
Now, this is where my newly acquired math skills come into play. With the extra cost I had to pay for shipping to HK (No, I'm not complaining!) that comes out to 6 pence per puzzle. Great value for money! It's also taken me almost 2 months to get the first 297 puzzles give or take a few done, so it's great value for time as well.

When does the next one come out Oracle? Any more dead friends you've recently heard from? :lol:"

Even at the 27 pounds that it is now, it's still good value for money.  

I won't add that my English as a second language niece also enjoyed bits and pieces of it.  She likes a good Rubik's cube every now and again so I decided to open her puzzling mind to a nice bit of pen to paper....Unbelievably, she still talks to me. :lol:

For me, it's off to the airport.  Fingers crossed I get some puzzle hunting time in.  Hopefully I can post about those great new wooden puzzles I just got soon, if not....I'll see you in 2 weeks!  Happy Puzzling!

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