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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mini Single post

Today's puzzle is a simple little thing made by mini.  Our local Toys R. Us has a bunch of these in and I thought "I'm pretty clever, I'll buy a bunch and solve them in an afternoon."  And then I woke up.

Well, you can't say I'm not confident.  I bought 4 of them.  I solved 1.  So far the mini puzzles are wining.  But I'm not defeated yet.  Can't keep a good puzzler down. 

This is one of those wood/rope/ring things.  The object is quite simple really-take off the ring.   (I find myself repeating that phrase about the simple object.  I really need to learn some new vocabulary.)  A long time ago I was quite good with these things.  Not so much now.  I guess you can get out of practice and just forget how to think.  Add to that the not talking to me and these puzzles just got knottier and knottier. 

And that my friends is what makes these puzzles such great fun!  The knots.  I dare anyone to solve a rope puzzle without tying it into at least one knot.  I swear it just cannot be done! 

With this set of 4, I spent a couple of sessions fiddling around.  I really couldn't say how much time I spent on each one, but it was long...too long for what they are really. Can't call me a quitter though. So the solved puzzle?  After I got the ring off, I put it back on again, because as my fellow blogger Kevin says, it's not solved until it's assembled again.  And just for good measure (and to make myself feel a bit smarter) I did it a few more times before I put the puzzle back in the box again. 

One down, three left in my puzzling bag....

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  1. Ah! Fame at last! I'm glad, young paduan, that you follow my teachings. Success with the first challenge so quickly - the force is strong in one so young!

    Maybe you should try the harder ones from Livewire puzzles and Puzzle Master - now they will test the force! Of course force is not to be used on puzzles really - everything should slide apart.

    Kevin x