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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hong Kong toys and games fair-part 1

This week is always amazing for me.  It ranks right up there with IPP and the October GZ boys and toys.  I've been  attending the fair for more years than I can remember maybe 15 or so now and each year I continue to look forward to it.  I love to see the new items that are coming out and to meet up with old friends again.  

My fair week began on Sunday when I picked Hendrik Haak up from the airport.  I couldn't let a friend travel all the way here and have him flounder on his own to find his hotel. After a big hug hello I took him to the train and we headed to HK side to drop his bag. From there we went back over to my side of town and met up with Mr. Man and bug for dinner.  Nothing exciting, but it didn't move.  (When I asked what kind of food he wanted, all week long Hendrik said he didn't care as long as it didn't move.)

Dinner isn't exciting so I won't tell you what we ate, instead I'll just jump to the fun bit.  I took Hendrik to the house and opened my bed for him.  I'm a show-off by heart.  I love to let people see my toys.  Now the under bed area is packed tight with toys of all kinds and very hard to see into. We didn't stay there for very long and headed over to the shelves.  You've seen photos of these around I'm sure, but when you get to see them up close and personal it's a different story.  They really are a toy lovers sight to behold.  I kept telling Hendrik it is hard to impress a collector and I meant it.  I kept pulling down prototypes and handmade puzzles.  Anything I thought he might not have seen before.  He was not impressed so we headed out to th balcony and I opened the cabinets.  There he saw a toy or two of interest, but again.  Unimpressed.  But hey, when you own a jugoflower.... 

Of course I had to show him my pride and joy and the berrocals came down off the shelf.  He helped me put Maria back together.  She's been apart since I took her to singapore last year. The girls are all reunited now.  Thank you Hendrik! 
After a few hours of puzzling I took him back to his hotel and promised to return for him early in the morning to pick him up for the fair.  

And that I will write about later.  I've three days/nights of fun and games to make you drool over.  This time I tease and dole it out in small bunches.

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