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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hong Kong Toys and games Fair part 5

Not much to tell, today was the last day of the fair and the last day of fun.
I got up at 10 and headed over to pick up a few samples That I had reserved.  Then went straight into work.  The problem with the fair is that it's at the start of the semester and meetings get in the way.

Thursday evening I had dinner with Uwe and Nick and a few other people.  As always we ended up at the Jade Palace and had Beggars Chicken.  Uwe just loves that stuff.  It's standard fair for at least one night of the fair.  A few glasses of beer and an early night it was for us.  The fair is officially over.

I didn't pick up many toys this year.  Most of what I got I had Hendrik bring over for me.  It's nice to be able to call in the order and have it hand delivered.  I think I'll do the same again when I visit Helsinki and Amsterdam later in the spring.  I wonder who I know there who sells puzzles???

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