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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Triple Trap

I have seen this puzzle many times over the years but have never added it to my cart.  When Hendrik came over for the toys fair ( I asked him to add it to his bag.

It's a simple little 3 piece puzzle that takes a few minutes to put together and a few more to take apart.  As you can see, there are 2 metal rings and a marble in this one.  The object is simply to put the marble into the middles hole in between the rings.  

I'll admit to being stumped for a while.  Metal just shouldn't work the way this puzzle works.  Without giving too much away, it defies all the properties that should be involved.  I brought this along for a testing puzzle, and dropped the marble half a dozen times before I realized what I had to do.  The solution out one of those "I can't believe that works" kind of grins on my face.  

I think this will be a great puzzle to give to novice puzzlers or kids to try and solve.  It might stump them for a minute or two, but I'll guarantee they will have the same silly grin I had once they solve it.  Good entertainment value for the 10€ cost.

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