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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Around the World puzzles part 1

While we are on this cruise, you may have noticed that I have been blogging about our travels.  I promise, I will blog about our puzzles as well.  I’ve A few random puzzle thoughts that will come up, but mostly I will be posting about the puzzles that we have either brought with us, or have purchased along the way. 

To start out, today I will be posting about the puzzles we purchased in San Diego.  Our first stop was Art of Play. A little kiosk type place that sells playing cards and puzzles.  It is located at 2355 India St, San Diego, CA.  We met the owners at IPP in Kanazawa Japan and I thought I’d stop by and say hello. Sadly they have moved to Boise Idaho.  I’d make a joke here, but it might not be appreciated.  

So here is a description of the puzzles we purchased there.  The first is a rabbit/duck set of salt and pepper shakers (not shown-inside the black box).  These are those little things that change animal depending on the position they are sitting in.  

Next up is a stone tangram set.  I had already purchased the stone soma cube from them and when I saw this one, I had to go for it.  This set is made in Peru and is supposed to be semi precious stones.  

We also purchased a rocket puzzle. This is an old puzzle.  The object of this puzzle is to remove the passenger compartment without touching the puzzle.  Once you know it, it’s only fun to give to guests.  

Bridget is a 2 color wooden game.  The object is to build a bridge from one side of the board to the other.  This sounds easier than I assume it is. George and I kept attempting to play, but every time we did, someone would come in the room.  In the end, there we didn’t have a chance to play before we sent it on to Boca.

Puzzling Obscurities is a box of 60 brainteasers and puzzles.  This is a great set for someone just getting into puzzling.  

The astronaut puzzle is made by a company out of Brooklyn New York.  I have seen this before but kept forgetting to purchase it.  I bought this one as a novelty. It is 3D printed and comes in 4 parts. It’s a very simple puzzle, but nicely done.  

The little blue box is a magnetic curiosity, rather than a puzzle. It folds and unfolds into various shapes.  

Finally, the white box in the upper right hand section is the Intersism Pro 3d wooden maze puzzle. "The Intrism Pro is a 3D wooden puzzle, a mind-bending marble maze, and an intriguing display piece all in one. Made from durable 3-ply Baltic birch wood, the 210 laser-cut pieces simply snap into place— no tools or glue necessary. Once you've conquered the puzzle, take on the intricate marble maze. With over 30 feet of track from start to finish, it's a stimulating challenge! When not in use, set your Intrism Pro on the included display stand for all to admire."

I purchased this one based on Michel’s recommendation.  When I return home it will be one of the first things I put together.  

On to the museum for a minor update.  We have had some issues with photographs but George has now sent on an instruction sheet and we are hopeful that Morgan will be able to sort out what we mean and continue with the photos.  

As for the programming for the museum database, well, it waits.  You see, Oskar has once again given George a task and George being George has dropped all to complete it. He sits next to me programming a couple of Truncated Octahedron pieces to print out on our little computer.  I’ve threatened to tell Oskar no more tasks, but I know George loves to work on them.  I’ve come tot he conclusion that the database design will be farmed out upon our return to Boca.  I just wish George would have come to this conclusion with me while we were still at home and while I could easily get someone to do the task.  

Well, there are still 175 days of this cruise left, perhaps he will start.  

Until next week, Happy Puzzling all. 

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