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Friday, July 9, 2010

dinner continued

Over dinner Oskar and I chatted a bit about copies, George miller came over and said hello. As did Jerry Slocum and a few others. I got to play with a lot of Oskar's toys! Heavenly. I'm glad he's like I am. "Don't mess it too much Rox, it will take time to return to a solved state." And that's not a negative when you see how some of those things turn!

So dinner finished and we all kind of made our way to the competition room to look at a few of the puzzles on display. And yes, I did play with a few of them.

I'm not telling you all my favorite, but I've picked out a few I wouldn't mind bringing home with me if I could. But since I can't.....I played instead. I'll go back and play some more tomorrow.

Some things I don't understand and I plan to ask about it tomorrow.

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