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Saturday, July 10, 2010

puzzle exchange and TP dinner

I've never seen anything like it! What an amazing thing! people running around (not really) trading puzzles with eachother. There were so many amazing puzzles there today it wasn't funny. I can't even begin to explain all of what I saw. And yes, for all you TP fans, the latch cube was an exchange puzzle. There were burrs, voids, magics, put together, packing, rings, name it.

4 hours of just trading puzzles with people and listening to what each puzzle did. Loads of stories about them and many more! What a trip! What an experience.

After, we took a walk around Osaka to check out what was on offer. Went to a food street, then off to an electronics street. A bit of puzzle shopping and Mickey mouse is coming home with me. Ran back to listen to a bit of one lecture, then another. We ended the day with dinner.

Dinner! so many people were there (warning-heavy name dropping here-and sorry for those I missed): Oskar and his wife, Panda, Dave (later) Jason, Hidetoshi, Okamoto, Stan Issac, Tom, George, Bob, Jerry, myself. Later others dropped by to check out the toys. And what a bunch of toys it was too!

I leave you with a teaser. FB fotos will be loaded tomorrow because it is now past 12 and I'm dead. Have to wake up very early for the puzzle party!

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  1. first of all, I say: Okamoto was there!??! secondly, was there any buying of puzzles or did you have to exchange? Thirdly, what are the criteria for being involved in this thing?