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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puzzle Hunting in Hakone

Apparently we were supposed to answer some questions about puzzles during this hunt. OOPS! Panda and I joined up and totally forgot about that bit. we thought puzzle hunt meant hunting for more puzzles.

I don't remember when we stopped where, so I'll just give an overview of some of the highlights of the day.

One stop was to see a craftsman work. Isakawa? I can't spell. Anyway, as we went in the door Jerry turned around and told me the craftsmanship was amazing in this shop. Well hello! You can't get a better stamp of approval than that. I bought a number of puzzles from there that I probably shouldn't have, but I won't be in Japan again for a few more years so why not. 3 or 4 boxes, a couple of put together shapes. A couple of kits and a dolly for the bug.

After that, the good Dr. and I set out to look for a drink. He needed Juice and I needed COFFEE! We then wandered down another street when I spotted the wood pattern on the side of a building and I am pleased to report that we only bought more from 2 of the7 or 8 shops we saw.

We took a walk down the road through a bunch of Cedar trees which were 100 years old and amazing. Back to the bus for another stop further down the road. This one I got a simple but elegant puzzle heart. And a few other toys.

More bus ride and we came to the cable car here in Osaka. I took some photos of the mountains. I'm sure if you have very good eyes you can see them through the fog.

last stop was Goya. We decided to forgo puzzle hunting and instead we took in a tea ceremony and a little tour of a tea house. It took longer than expected and we had to run to catch the bus back down the hill.

Matt and the bug and I took a walk around the town, and Then went for dinner. Nice again. All of them have been good. I had a bit of a problem last night with allergies, and was swollen this morning, but lucky for Panda, it only affected my mouth. I couldn't talk much because I was in pain.

After dinner, we went down to check out the competition puzzles, I made my vote, and Matt solved 3 puzzles! Shocked me!

The bug was outside bothering people to look at their puzzles, and she didn't realize she can't just grab anyones puzzle. I made apologies and all was forgiven. My fault really. I've let her play with all my toys, so she doesn't know that some of them shouldn't be touched with out asking first.

The upshot of the whole day is that while I sit here typing this, Matt is trying to solve a Hanayama puzzle given to him by Stan Issacs. I do believe he is catching the puzzle bug.

Photos are not uploaded tonight. Some problem with the internet. It may be because it is a bit stormy complete with lightening. Or maybe not. At any rate, I will try to load again in the morning.

Tomorrow: Hakone Puzzle Party!!!

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