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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flight and Osaka

I'm not a good traveller at the best of times and even worse when I'm excited. Minor turbulence but I survived without having to use that bag that sits behind the seat! Much to the disappointment of the bug. She was really hoping mom would use it for something other than a hand puppet.

A bit rocky at times, but then I hit on the brilliant idea of having a glass of wine and I was good to go. Feeling no pain and enjoying myself very much. Even played a game of war with the bug!

Osaka was entered around 8 pm tonight, but it took another hour or so to get to the hotel. The trains were interesting to say the least. But the subway system is even better than HK...ok, maybe not, but it was easy to tell where we wanted to go. Little numbers on the posts tell us teh station numbers.

Walked a whopping 4 blocks and got here. Mom being mom saw a bunch of gents sucking down some suds near the elevator bank and went over and started chatting. OK, I've seen photos of them so I knew they were IPP kind of folks. Got checked into the hotel and went and dumped our bags.

We were in need of some food for mom's tum because she's not able to eat when travelling. As we got back down stairs, who did I see but Oskar! I ran over gave a quick handshake and kiss, met his wife and a few others and ran out to get my food.

Had dinner in a local place, and the bug was thrilled. She entertained the owner and he gave her a little fan. She was tickled! Ho Ho may! That's all she kept saying. (It tastes very good) Ran across teh road to get mom some coffee (what is it with asian countries and not having coffee>) then back to the hotel so I could write this up.

More tomorrow....Dr. Panda and the rest start arriving! Then the real squealing begins!

And if I can get the room connection to work I'll post photos at some point. Tonight I'm too tired to try and work it out.

Slow internet was the problem. Photos here:

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  1. I might have to try out this IPP thing...:D I look forward to your posts. I have heard that Hong Kong flights can get a bit bumpy due to some sort of natural wind system or something lke that. How long was the flight? I think that you made a good choice to go with the Blog over Facebook because you can go into more detail.