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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Puzzle party

Well, today was the day. 9 am I was at the door and waiting. Being the greedy collector that I am, I was so hoping for loads of toys. I got a bunch of the new ones that are only in Japan, and a few others. But not loads and loads. Ok, only a suitcase full. It was an amazing 5 hours? is that right, the time just seemed to fly past. I sat with Oskar and Georges for a bit. Sat with Dave for a bit, walked around the room 50 times and on each pass seemed to find something I didn't see before. Im not sure how that happened. But it did.

Dinner was seafood as expected and Dave and Dr. Panda pigged out. Rox hit the sauce and ate what she could. (Crazy maker) Matt said it was way better than HK, and even the bug liked it.

A couple of nice after dinner shows. A juggler? can he be called that? a guy with a triangle and some squares that was wonderful, and that's when I couldn't remember anymore.

My lovely husband got absorbed in a wooden puzzle and even managed to solve it. Shocked us all I think. But then, he hates them doesn't he!

Dave and Bob did a bit of juggling for me and I have snaps of it.

I finally met Marcel and it made me realize how much I missed my puzzle daddy. I do wish he would return.

Again time has caught up with me and it's past midnight.

Photos a plenty were taken and can be found here:

and here:

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