Notes from Puzzle Palace

Friday, July 9, 2010


Recognize this fellow? Very nice man. He gave me that lovely little magic he's holding. 3 panels and so cute!

I finally met Nick Baxter, and loved his introduction something along the lines of "we've met on facebook...." He likes my "new toys" photos that I post by the way.

Disentangled a Tom Jolly that George Bell was holding, Met a few Japanese builders my husband met in the smoking room, played with some more toys.

This little girl is in Heaven!

Had a all around good time talking and meeting people.

Panda let me play with his toy! and Bob showed me his new toy as well. Someone introduced me to Jason "helicopter man"

I'm over whelmed with all. More tomorrow. I'm dead and have to wake up bright and early tomorrow.

Photos of the days events can be found here:

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