Notes from Puzzle Palace

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few more photos.

Last night we had a nice dinner with a few people. Today all leave for the NY trip or other various points around the world. Bug and I are finally getting our six flags day in.

I've added a few more photos to the bottom

Rox and Dave from TP
Bug on Pavel's lap
Gangster Robert
A few puzzles I picked up

Eric, Rox, and Robert
Two shots of lobby chat
Neil, Rox, and Allard
Another lobby shot


  1. Well that's "A FEW" puzzles you bought up!?

    I'm looking forward to play some of them~

  2. How on earth did you get that fantastic hoard home?
    Also where are you going to store it? I volunteer my place!

    Kevin xxx

  3. In my luggage of course. How else would I get them home? :-). Matt will just have to build the bed higher now won't he...

    Any time Otis.