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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Calibron 12

I'm defeated!  Holy Cow this was one tough mother.  I took this along for a normal in-between testing puzzle and wanted to pull my hair out.  But at the same time, I simply love it.  The idea is so simple. Calibron 12 is a puzzle consisting of 12 pieces.  Just pack the pieces in the tray.  How hard can that be right? ( Déjà vu I hear you say?)

So when you get the puzzle it looks something like this.  Not solved, one piece over in the side.  Loads of extra space for that last little bit to go in.  I mean, I'm no mathematician, but just by looking I can see that there is enough room if I just shift a piece or two around...or is there?  Since I have yet to solve it I can't be sure. It might be a plot by the folks over at CreativeCrafthouse to drive me totally round the bend.

I have this one permanently in my testing bag for those times when I want to feel like a complete idiot.  Who knows, one of these days I may just solve it!

A video of it I have made.

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  1. Add up the total area of all the pieces and compare to the ares of the square and you see that there is exactly the right amount of space for all of them to fit.