Notes from Puzzle Palace

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The flight home

Big and I spent the morning of our last day in DC having a lie-in. She was exhausted and I needed to pack. And that my friends is a real puzzle! How do you fit all the purchases into the suitcases? Let me tell you, it was no easy task. We had 4 cases with us. 2 large and 2 carryon. I loaded all the puzzles into the two big cases along with the clothes that we brought over. (thank heavens for travel bags or I'd have had no room) the two smaller cases got a few puzzles that wouldn't fit and our purchases of medicines and such. When all was said and done, we shipped back 174 pounds! 103 of which were the puzzle/clothes bags. Insane hey?

The afternoon saw us at Arlington visiting an old friend. It was a bit more than I could handle, but I have a strong bug and off we trotted to the Vietnam memorial and the Korean one. We went back to the hotel with a few last minute purchases on the way.

The first flight-all 13 hours of it - was uneventful. We slept!

And now as we sit in Doha with nothing much to do, bug is playing in a ball put and I'm playing with a Stewart Coffin. Have I ever mentioned that I hate him! No seriously, I do. Or his puzzles at least. That's not true either. These are the puzzles you love to hate. The one I brought with is called Lean 2 and it's quite nifty really. 4 pieces, 2 sides. Slam them in. Nothing could be easier-or could it? I've been fiddling with it on and off for the past half hour and have done diddly with it. Oh wait? Does 3 pieces count? No. Didn't think so. Ah well, I'll keep trying. Hopefully at the end of the 7 more hours I have on this layover I'll get something done.


  1. It does look like a great puzzle! I got one of the Tom Lensch made puzzles from Paradise but due to the vagaries of a spam filter I missed out on this one! Just as well really! If you are struggling I stand no chance at all!!

    Kevin xxx

  2. I've solved the front side!! Keep trying!

  3. Got one side! Maybe another on the plane

  4. 174 lbs, holy cow! I estimate all the exchanges weighed less than 40 lbs. My two suitcases were only 60 lbs ...