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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I know it's incredible that I got it coming this way. When we got in I slept almost immediately. My poor bug was ill so six flags has been put off a bit.

Today bug and another puzzler and I walked around to a puzzle shop on Pennsylvania avenue (labyrinth) then had a fantastically fun $2 metro ride with a bunch of mistaken exits. Good fun for the money. I bought a couple of toys from creative Crafthouse. I know I can get them online but this way I don't pay shipping and we all know how I hate that!

We went on to do a bit of mom and bug time. an early dinner and our plan was to drop the bags and walk over to the hotel for some talk time with puzzlers. Guess who fell asleep again? I feel so darned old right now. Well, no not old.
Exhausted. Hopefully I'll have gotten enough sleep now to survive the rest of the week.

I guess I should try to sleep again. It's 1:00 and bugs cuddled up and being cute. She says she wants more shopping and a trip to the zoo. Hopefully she's feeling well enough to do what she wants today. And I'm rested enough to do what I want. It's puzzling time!

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