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Monday, August 27, 2012

Off again

It seems this year I have spent more time preparing to leave work and talking than I spent working. But then to do that I have to work. Or do I? Not much of a puzzle, but a but of a think to start off this blog post.

I've not quite blown it this time. I met a fellow puzzler at IPP and will contact him shortly to see if we could meet up somewhere during my time there. I've mapped out a boatload of shops that sell puzzles-who knew there would be so many. But even better, I've packed a bag full of puzzles for the plane. (see photo at the bottom of the post).

Initially I had planned to bring a different bunch but as the week went by I managed to solve quite a few in my bag so a swap had to be made. My criteria for travel puzzles this time are that they be small(ish) and light weight. They have to also be able to fit in my puzzle bag. I guess it must be around one foot square so expand that and you have the capacity.

My twisty friends aren't going to be overjoyed with me this time around. I put none in the bag. (I know you are all as shocked by that as I am). I was very disappointed at IPP this year. I was hoping to find a few more twisted on sale that I didn't have but sadly all I saw was the quarter turn cube. Oh there were more but I already had them all. The joy of living in Hong Kong! I can add the puzzle of finishing the research on the flight. I love my research partner-have done for almost 20 years-but it's times like these that I'd like to kill him! I now need to manually do ANOVA in flight to finish the presentation or wait until we land-which we all know is not my style...

In addition to these I packed the oil well and the Washington Monument-both by Brian Young in my bag for the return trip. There is also the bead puzzle by Diniar in there so I've a good variety for the return home.

I'm nothing if not optimistic. Here's hoping I solve at least one. In the mean time, someone point me to the bar please!!!

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