Notes from Puzzle Palace

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's poem time again!

Listen , all puzzlers, and ye shall hear
of a week in Washington D.C.
On the 9th of August in 2012
Every one knows it's IPP day
400 converge; the US this year.

She said to her friends, I"If I don't write much
about my puzzle trip this summer
post a message right now or some thing as such
telling one and all of photos, no bummer!"
One, on her blog, and two, on Facebook!
Then all will see the fun in one look.
Behave yourself all the 'mods' aren't here.
Puzzlers get together one weekend a year.
They exchange their toys many ideas they hear.
All will shout "great job" when puzzles are shown.
The Holbrook collection has world renown.
The latest competition entries,
can be played without any monies.
Some will win prizes, others will not.
Production for some made in Japan
Copying others in Sino lan'
It bagan long ago when Jerry urged
In 1980 puzzlers converged

In California they met on land.
Puzzlers gathered exchanging their views.
From initial thoughts of one great muse,
they played all day long then talked through the night
They were starting something quite grand.
An annual pilgrimage  was the news.
How to spread this fortune was their plight

They send out invitations world wide today,
From humble beginnings started then,
now puzzlers come both women and men.
We meet once a year in a new place
worldwide travel a partial race.
Who arrives first doesn't matter now.
Just as long as all arrive some how.
Check into the hotel first of course!
The $$ you spent?  Feel no remorse.
Drop the bags in the room first then, WOW!
Visit with friends in the lobby.
Discuss family, births, deaths, and weddings.
Listen to everyones musings
Talk about everything and our hobby.
Look at the table, full of toys!
Look at the room, so full of boys!
The first day's a tour of Washington,
nights Founder's dinner will be such fun.
There will be stories to tell that will last a year.
The best ones of course are over beer.
The room is filled with much joyful noise.
The party has just started, more to come.
Too many to visit, no time for some.
Sleeping tonight?  Crazy I say!
Tomorrow is the puzzle exchange Day!

Day two, exchange should start very soon.
Ready to go, I run from the moon.
Knocking outside my door is quick solver
my partner for the afternoon.
My puzzle this year?  No revolver...
We set up the table first thing
What's the day in store?  What will it bring?
Will there be twisties or many burrs?
Will there be wires or more that are like hers?
This year there are many puzzles in stoer.
Haven't enough? Tomorrow get more.
My first exchange was 3 years ago now.
All I could think was HOLY COW!
There's nothing quite like it for girls like me,
Puzzle trading I hope he now will avow.
I hope next year to have 'nother he.
Exchanging is fun, learning is better.
Last year I learned I do like GEE-I'M-A-TREE.
Will I learn now that mathematics is for me?
If that's true some one write my boss a letter.
She thinks I'm a dork that knows only grammar,
When I start with the stats, I always stammer.
The numbers I confess, hit like a hammer!
I'll not now be a new puzzle setter.
8 hours today of talking and playing
Walking around my puzzle displaying.
I can't wait to choose the puzzles to play.
(My friends in China can't come along now.
One day they will, I'm sure some will somehow.)
The one's to bring 'cross the border one day.

Day three!  Puzzle Party For Real!
Runaround looking at all that you can.
You want lunch? No time for a meal!
There are puzzles to buy now my friend,
The puzzles to see will never end.
Pack up your bags, pack them good man!


  1. I don't know what you've been drinking, but please pass the bottle!

  2. Oyster bay this time. Sadly I didn't get the poem done befor I had to fly.