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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Karin's Rose Burr

I was getting my wrists slapped yesterday and had to run across town to let someone do it. I couldn't let the afternoon end on a sour note because it was Friday night GTA social and I didn't want to go to that in a foul mood. So I hit upon the perfect solution. Puzzle hunt!

I went to another of my favorite districts for puzzles. And find I did! Of complete disinterest to most readers I found a few more 3D jigsaw puzzles: a panda, a Japanese cartoon character, My Melody, and Hello Kitty. Hanayama has released Dumbo in its crystal puzzle range and that one came home with me. (we all know that bug who hates puzzles, loves the Hanayama crystal puzzles). A notched six piece burr with a jingle bell inside was out into my bag as well.

And then I found this. I've no idea what it is though. I saw it the other day on an online site from across the boarder that sells loads of rubbish toys and electronics. It caught my eye because it was a bit different and I felt the need for something a bit different. (as if I didn't get enough at IPP).

It's a disease I tell you. A real sickness. This need to go puzzle hunting each week. If I don't fine anything new that's ok. But when I do. Oh joy! Happy girl. Today. I was out restandardizing for that weekend testing...that I do and when done, I needed to pick up a little something for bugs birthday (the kids decided she wants to try caviar for dinner. Not my daughter is she?) and I has to run through a book store and a place I know that sells puzzles. I found one too! Not a puzzle puzzle, but a pretty nifty game for the iPad that has a puzzling aspect to it. Or maybe it's just a cool game that I'll loose the pieces to in a few months.

Oh sorry back to the puzzle. It has three loops to it and the object seems to be to take them apart and then put them back together again.  Piece of cake.  Only 3 pieces.  A with most puzzles I get made across the border, the quality isn't great.  It almost fell apart in my hands.  Putting it back together was a bit more difficult.  It took me quite some time to work out the direction of the bits.  All three pieces are identical.  For a while I thought one piece was reversed and this caused me great trouble.  I struggled over this for around a half an hour before something clicked in my simple little brain and there we have it.  Solved once again.  Another fun one to play with.

*Thanks to Mhuti for another puzzle named.*

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  1. This is Karin's Rose Burr, made by Karin von Känel. Visit this site: to see other designs by Karin and Jürg.