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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Virus 1

Like Spiderman, Virus is a sliding tile puzzle.  This one has fared better over the years though than Spidey did. Virus was made in 1999 by Arleco Toys and Games c.c. and is just an all around better puzzle. There is a greater challenge, and more ways for those legs to get twisted and turned around.  
The material on this one is a bit better as well.  It is still made of rubber, but this one hasn't dried out and lost its elasticity so it's still playable.  A real bonus!  This puzzle is a 15 piece slide tile puzzle with a double puzzle.  First, you need to untwist the virus's legs, then you need to get the spiderweb below aligned. Not quite as easy as it sounds.  I solved this one when it first came into the house 12 years or so ago and hadn't looked at it since.  I fiddled a bit so I could write this blog.  I'm not so sure I would encourage people to go hunt one down if they don't have one, but if you come across a virus it's a good nostalgic type puzzle.
I haven't seen one of these for sale in any shop or on eBay in quite some time.  When they first sold, Hendrik had them available at his shop. They are no longer there, but you might be able to send him an email if you are really interested.
Tomorrow, I go back to some IPP puzzles.

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