Notes from Puzzle Palace

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 keys

Help please! I don't know what this is that I'm playing with. I bought it from puzzlemaster at IPP32 and it has no name on it.

The object of course is to take out the peg that holds the puzzle together. Once you do that the two pieces simply slide apart.

See this was a bit of a lark. I had a bunch of Canadian dollars left over from my trip there and I knew Puzzlemaster would take them. During the puzzle party I made a bealine for his table and picked up a few toys I wanted. Then I spent the rest of my Canadian. I showed him how much I had left, and he gave me puzzles to finish off the cash. (see Kevin, you really don't have a bad problem-the real problem is when you do things like that.)

So I've no idea the name and I've no idea the price. Fun little distraction though. It has two layers with different maze patterns so there's a bit of thought needed to solve it. At the end of the day though it's not a very difficult puzzle to solve. It might have taken 20 minutes while watching a movie.
Thanks to Canuck I now know he name of this one!


  1. Hi Rox, that puzzle is called '2 Keys' by Jean Claude can see more on the Puzzle-Place Wiki:

    There's also a couple of links to blog reviews there as well..:)

  2. Oh no you don't Rox! My problem is just as bad as yours! I have been spending like there's no tomorrow! Having lots of fun but actually going to have to slow down soon before she realises the true extent of it!!!