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Monday, September 17, 2012

The case of the sacred armadillo

This is another of those 'briefcase' puzzles made by Kathleen Malcomson. It's a lovely little puzzle made out of a business card case a few bits of things inside and one big clear marble. Another really fun puzzle to have in the collection.

So it's a sacred armadillo. And any one who has ever lived in the south has seen one of those. The little buggers often show up right where you want to park your car. Then there is the dilemma of what to do: run the sucker over or get out parked wonky move the sucker then repark the car. And blast it all because they are alive you can't run them over. I'll admit that on more than one late night the urge to drop kick them comes to mind as well. So where is all this verbal diarrhea coming from? Armadillos of course. They roll up into a ball when frightened and this puzzle has a big ball in it.

The first thing I did when I got this puzzle was put the enclosed sheet into my solution box because I was afraid I might peek. Then I started rolling the ball. Nope. Nothing. I put it on the floor and spun it in circles. I shook it. I swung it around. I had great fun with it. Short of blowing (Kevin) I did all I could think of. And then I dumped it in my bag and forgot about it until yesterday.

It was bugs birthday and she wanted Disney with mom (walking wallet again) so when she was riding those awful roller coasters (mom had to hold the shopping this time) I sat down and pulled this one out.

Since I'd done all the silliness earlier I started over again this time with the intention of being serious in my solving techniques. Fast forward half an hour and I had made no progress. Back to being silly. And AH HA!!! There it was! Clever little thing. I had a big smile when bug came back from her rides.

The solution was simple enough that I could solve it again and again. Very clever that Kathleen is. She fit a cute little puzzle that had a bit of a stumper and a whole lot of fun, into a tiny little business card box. Next up...bowling alley in a briefcase.


  1. Aaaargh! I don't blow in everything you know! I blame Allard!

    Plus, there is one puzzle I know where you have to do the opposite!

    Kevin x

  2. suck? a puzzle you need to suck? What?!? Do tell. What is that one?

    1. Can't say on-line - would upset too any potential puzzlers! Email sent