Notes from Puzzle Palace

Friday, September 21, 2012


Well this is very frustrating for me.  I had completely typed up this post then set it to auto publish and then poof!  Off into space it went.  Oh well, it doesn't matter.  I want to talk about this little puzzle and you want to read about it so I'll just start again...
This puzzle was made by Andreas Rover and exchanged at IPP32.  The name of it is Triade.  Now I know that has to be a play on words, but just exactly how it plays I'm not sure.  The tri bit is obvious.  There are three pieces many of which are triangular.  The ade?  I'm not so sure about.  A drink?  As in Kol-ade?  Wrong spelling I know. 

The puzzle as I said is made up of three parts with lots of triangular bits in it.  there are some long bits and a whole bunch of short bits of this shape.  All of which can be stumpers in the puzzling process.  The pieces aren't identical though, and as far as I can tell they aren't mirrored.  This was a bit of a think to take apart, but to be honest that part of the puzzle was really a walk in the park.  When it fell apart in my hands, I knew I was in trouble.  Why?  Because now I have to put it back together again!  Ouch!  

And ouch it was.   This was a real pain of a puzzle.  I have to say I'm glad Andreas put it in a nice strong bag because I had to put it away again to go to a meeting as always and didn't have a chance to pick it up again for a few hours.  Sadly by that time I couldn't remember which way was up.  Now I told you it was a stumper.  

This has been on my desk for 3 days in a state of disassembly and I've made it my new thinking puzzle.  I'm sure it isn't that difficult if I set my mind to it, but I need something to fiddle with when I'm engaged in work and this is pretty good for that. I seem to have two bits in the right position (at least they look like the photo on the left) and I'm just playing with the other trying to get it into place.  Wish me luck all!


  1. I love this one! I got mine from Bernhard Schweitzer in 3 different woods.

    It's not quite as tough as you think but if you never even saw the disassembly mechanism then it's going to be tougher. Do let everyone know when you solve it!

    Kevin x

  2. The puzzle is an anagram of "Tirade"!! I agree, harder to assemble. Mine is still in 3 pieces but I haven't tried to get it together since IPP. I think it is CM.

  3. I managed to reassemble it, keep trying! One tricky thing, there are extra 45 degree cuts in it that I don't believe are necessary. This is just to confuse you! The "big" piece I think would work just made out of cubes without that 45 degree cut in it. I found the two "small" pieces can slide along a 45 degree cut, this was the key for me. I took some photos of the reassembly ...