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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

On the Fifteenth Day of Advent

 George got a 2x2x3 puzzle in his twisty puzzle advent calendar.

His gift from the Puzzle Advent Tree© he received Plop by Stephen Baumegger.  He had Rick Eason take it apart and later they did the Burr tools thing to put it back together again.  

Today was a special day for us. We also received the Karakuri Christmas gifts and yes, I opened them but won't show them until after Christmas.  We also got a few Ivory puzzles in the mail and a whole bunch of puzzles from Oskar.  Thank you!  And the big big surprise...A wonderful Christmas gift from Tanner!  We just love it!  He sent us a fantastic metal print of all the participants of the first Boca Bash.

Because of guests again we did not do the crossword and I didn't have a chance to do the jigsaw today.  So until tomorrow, Happy Puzzling!

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