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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Seventh Day of Advent


I just love candy canes! For real.  If you give me one, I'll be happy for days.

Once again we had a level 1 puzzle.  This one was just too easy.  Mars Rover.  I don't think any of the clues gave us a headache.  

George's twisty puzzle today is a speed cube complete with accessories! The tiny screwdriver is so cute.  He has a nice little pile starting in the corner. All are solved.  I've noticed that he will twist it just a little bit, then he places them neatly on the box.  

Last up is the gift from the Puzzle Advent Tree©.  This time around I found him a gift on Etsy.  This one is a 2x3x4 laminated hardwood plywood in a number of very pretty colors.  George has been working on it now for just over an hour. He'll be there for a while yet.  The description gives a hint as to what is in store: 

Take a basic block form, turn it into a three dimensional, 24 piece puzzle. Now try to assemble it. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! 

This is one challenging puzzle that can take hours to complete. Constructed of beautiful laminated colored wood, each puzzle is hand-cut differently. No two are exactly the same. Since each one is unique, there are no instructions included. In other words, no cheating allowed! All you know is that the final form is a simple 3-dimensional rectangle. Oh, and did we mention that it comes already disassembled? Cruel, I know.

I just love the mason jar packaging. I've left him sitting here working because we will never eat tonight if I don't get to the store.  Given the amount of time he has worked on it, I'd call it value for money.

On to other news (it's not just all Christmas you know.  Life goes on.) Today George and I got a puppy!  Bug has been bugging us to get a dog for years, we both said no to having one in the house.  But this week we finally caved.  We haven't named him yet, but puppy now sits proudly guarding the entry to our bedroom.  This is a dog we both can love!

Gotcha!  Puppy is made up of two sets of tangram shelves.  I honestly don't remember where I found these, but you can find the same set on Amazon.  We decided there is no better place to display our erotic puzzles than here.  It seems appropriate.

Oh, and go check out fivesinatras blog about his trip during Boca Bash.  

Until tomorrow, Happy Puzzling. 

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