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Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Fourth Day of Advent

 Today's jigsaw was again the same cut and the same number of pieces so I'll just show a photo of it. 

Yummy!  Hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies.  

Today's crossword was a level 1.  Even so there was a point where we were stumped at the end.  But as usual, when one word suddenly comes to you, then all the other pieces fall into place.  I'd have to guess it took us all of 5 minutes today.

George opened day 4 of the twisty calendar and was enthralled.  He hadn't seen one of the coin puzzles before.  He had some good fun twisting it around and teased me about reading my blog. I believe I said he could twist to his hearts content.  He made a few neat twists while I had the camera handy.

But as usual, the Puzzle Advent Tree© puzzle was the biggest hit.  Today he got an Unhappy Childhood designed by Stuart Coffin and made by John Devost.  Of course, the very first thing he did was to go straight to Burr Tools for a solve.  He told me later that it took longer to solve the puzzle than to put it into the program.  While we have many copies of this puzzle, it never fails to please. This is the first Devost puzzle in the Puzzle Palace (Museum).  I hope we find a few more to join it in the future.

Until tomorrow.  Happy Puzzling all!

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