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Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Fifth Day of Advent

 Today's jigsaw: 

Level 2 crossword puzzle today.  It's a bit tricky, but not terrible.  Of course, it took us longer because of a phone call from my dad.  But hey, I'm lucky to have him around still so the crossword can be put on hold.  (Remember that all you young ones-answer your phone calls from your parents you never know when they won't call again.)

For the cube calendar today George got a  speed cubing timer.  Yeah right!  He can barely solve one let alone speed cube 😂 This makes the second one we have in the house.  I'm not sure at all how we got the first, but it sits next to the Gan auto-solving robot and the puzzle thinker.  I'm sure this one will be in good company as well.  

While I am discussing the twisty advent calendar, I'd like to mention the packaging. It sucks!  It's a great idea.  All of the boxes are spaced in a random order, but there is no easy way to get them out.  At least my little jigsaw calendar has finger holes in each of the boxes.  The twisty calendar doesn't have these, nor does it have any way to separate the boxes.  You see, they are just sitting on top of one another.  So if you want to pull a box from the bottom layer, all of those on top fall down.  It is not one you can stand up and display if you leave the already opened daily boxes out.  George and I discovered this on day 2 and decided that we will just turn the boxes backwards.  The side with the numbers on them has a star pattern on it while the other side is just black.  This isn't ideal, but it does allow us to at least keep the integrity of the display.  

And now for the Puzzle Advent Tree©.  Today George got an older WoodWonders design.  The Somama.  His first words were "Hun, this is just a Soma Cube."  And then I heard "Ooohhhhh".  And then "I think I can Burr Tools this."  😂😂  I do love him.

Until tomorrow.  Happy Puzzling!

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