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Friday, December 3, 2021

The Third Day of Advent

 OMG!  Today's crossword has thrown us for a loop. It's the first level 3 that we have done and I can see why they rated it this way. I thought we were intelligent people with a good vocabulary. Boy was I wrong.  This crossword took us 54 minutes to solve. First of all, that photo threw us for a loop. George thought it was Iceland, I thought it was Antarctica, then we thought maybe the Falklands....

At the end of the day, we did it.  Yipee! 

 Next up is my jigsaw of the day. I've come to realize these all have the same number of pieces and the same cut. After day three, there is no longer any challenge other than in the picture.  And then...I discovered the back of the little day box.  The photo of the completed puzzle is on it.  I think I'll continue to do these blind.  They are easy enough.  Today as you can see, we have a Yule log cake.  I remember when I was a kid I really wanted to have one of these.  They looked so good to me.  Sadly it was never meant to be. Many years later when living in Hong Kong I was able to experience these types of cakes.  I can safely say I wasn't missing as much as I thought I was.  It's a nice thought, but not for me to eat.  I see a theme developing here.  I'm going to bet that each one of the subsequent jigsaws is yet another type of food related to Christmas.  If I were to eat each one every day, I'd gain 20 pounds before the holiday even arrived.  The photos will have to suffice.
Next up is George's Cube calendar puzzle.  Today he got a skewb.  Someone on one of reddit forums, or perhaps it was discord said these are all going to be cheap made in China cubes.  Well, so far we've recieved all Chinese products.  I'm enjoying them but more importantly, George is too.  He is allowed to mess these up to his hearts content. After all, they are his puzzles, not mine. We even have a young puzzler who is wanting to return to Puzzle Palace just to solve all the puzzles that are messed up.  Welcome I say!

And finally, Today's Puzzle Advent Calendar© puzzle is: Oskar's Sticky Soma!  This one is funny. George and Oskar started working on this cube together quite some time ago.  I believe this started around the time that we were finishing the museum.  George got his first email about this puzzle on 29 June. I won't go into the details, but since they were working on the puzzle together (George does the analysis) he didn't have to spend the day doing the Burr Tools analysis. He already had it!  It was great to see his laughter this morning when he opened the package.  I think it is safe to say he liked this one.

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